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Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Programme in "Gender and Equality Studies"

During the academic years 2003-04 and 2007-8, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has introduced a new undergraduate programme in "Gender and Equality Studies" as part of the National Programme for Education and Professional Training (EPEAEK 11/4.2). The aim of the programme is to promote gender equality through the exploitation of the social construction of gender, and investigate the influence of gender differences and inequality on the production of knowledge and the structuring of dominant scientific paradigms.

In compliance with the programme, students of any department of Aristotle University are required to attend a cycle of four courses of their own choice, out of a wide-range of courses, in order to obtain a certificate of attendance issued by the programme, along with the degree conferred by their individual department.

The following departments have agreed to participate in the programme: Department of Architecture, Department of Economics, Department of English Language and Philology, Department of French, Department of Law, Department of Medicine, Department of History and Archaeology, Department of Pedagogy for Primary Education, Department of Philology, Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy, Department of Psychology.

Curriculum Structure

The programme is divided into three course units:

One of the four courses attended must be from Unit A, and the remaining courses must be from General Courses and/or Special Topics.

A "Certificate of Attendance" is issued on fulfillment of all the requirements of successful attendance and assessment in all four of the courses, as specified above.

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