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Center of Excellence Women and Science - CEWS


The Center of Excellence Women and Science CEWS is the national node for the realization of equal opportunities for women and men in the area of science and research in Germany. CEWS serves as think tank for this field of policy, stimulates thinking, initiates alteration processes for which it provides scientific support, and actively co-organizes the required transfer processes between science and politics.

The scope of activities is international. We implement German and EU projects both on an independent basis and in cooperation with other partners, and furthermore network best practice measures for the enforcement of equal opportunities on a high level. Since the foundation in 2000, the brilliant scientific service scope has been systematically advanced in order to fulfill the social mission even more efficiently. CEWS employees possess an extensive know-how of the following performance subjects: transfer of knowledge, advice, networking, strategy development, and evaluation. These competencies are bundled to continually increase the benefits for the target groups through synergy effects.

As a knowledge and research based service institute, CEWS services are available to scientists, universities, research groups, scientific organizations, and political panels. The German science system must exploit and utilize the existing potential of highly skilled scientists for the upholding and development of excellence in higher education, training and research in this country.

Since 2006 CEWS has been part of the German Social Science Infrastructure Services e.V. (GESIS), member of the Leibniz Association.

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Center of Excellence Women and Science CEWS
GESIS - German Social Science Infrastructure Services e.V.
Poppelsdorfer Allee 15
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