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The aim of the Foundation for the advancement of science and research is to facilitate the progress of highly qualified women with children in science. We especially aim to support excellent graduate students and post-doctoral fellows by providing them with funds to be used for additional childcare and domestic help. The Foundation intends this contribution to enable young mothers to gain greater flexibility and time for their scientific work. We hope by way of our Foundation to contribute to advance more highly qualified women in Germany's leading scientific research.

Scientific research requires motivation, passion, diligence and the ability to work in a self-directed manner. Moreover, flexibility and mobility are essential in order to generate the conditions that foster high-quality research; in particular, it is important for researchers to be able to dedicate a significant amount of time to their work. For female scientists who are also mothers the unavoidable lack of free time becomes a problem that invariably hinders professional progress. Career breaks or part-time positions are dangerous, since re-entry into the field may not be successful. Lost time cannot be regained and previously acquired knowledge may have already become dated and thus useless. We would like to help highly qualified women who are serious in pursuing their careers to weather through this time of double responsibility and still be able to accomplish excellent research.

The grants of the Foundation are aimed at excellent scientists at an early stage in their career in the field of experimental natural sciences. The CNV-Foundation sponsors female researchers of all nationalities, conducting graduate or post-graduate research at a German university or research institute. Financial assistance will be given for reducing the amount of time spent with household tasks and for additional childcare. These funds can be used to hire help, buy a dishwasher or washing machine, or for additional childcare (sitter during the evenings or while attending conferences).

It is a prerequisite for a successful application that the applicant's living expenses are covered through a research position or a research fellowship and that the main part of childcare has been organized and financed.