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Co-Action Publishing was recently founded by three women with nearly 30 years' combined experience from working within major international publishing companies. Our greatest motivation is the advancement of science, and we seek to contribute to this through business practices that are fair, flexible, and transparent.

We are therefore working to publish a list of in-house journals and books under the "Open Access" model. Many of our titles address key issues for women in a range of fields. In addition, we aim to partner with scientific and scholarly societies that want to transition their journal to the "Open Access model".

Debunking the traditional concept of a Publishing House, we also offer consulting services to individual editorial teams, electronic presses and others who require support to achieve their own Open Access publishing goals. We are attending the conference The Way Forward to be inspired by other women, share our knowledge on how women can best take advantage of Open Access publishing opportunities, and meet candidates for editorial positions for our forthcoming journals and books. We are actively seeking women to partner with us on Open Access publishing projects.

The advancement of women as scientists must include expanding women's influence on the editorial process to ensure gender equality also with respect to the selection and dissemination of research outputs. This is crucial not only for the individual female researcher and her career advancement, but indeed for the advancement of science as such.

Contact Details:

For general enquiries, please contact Anne Bindslev, Caroline Sutton or Lena Wistrand at or by telephone:
+46 18 495 11 50 (Sweden)
+47 90 69 05 06 (Norway)
+45 36 96 42 47 (Denmark)