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The Daphne Jackson Trust is a charitable organisation that runs a returners scheme to help scientists, engineers and technologists (SET) who have been disadvantaged by taking a career break. These people had spent a huge amount of investment in their education and training. Work life balance is becoming a key issue in our society and many more people are taking career breaks than previously. There are a variety of reasons for a career break including family and bringing up children, relocating with a partner, illness, looking after elderly relatives, disabled family members etc. The problem for highly qualified SET professionals is that their field has rapidly moved on or changed and they need to retrain to return at the appropriate level. Without the Trust's help, their talent, plus the money, time and effort spent in their training is completely wasted.

The Trust normally offers two year part-time fellowships, which are held at a UK university or research laboratory. Fellows carry out a supervised research project and retraining programme. They are offered support, guidance and mentoring throughout the application process and fellowship. Each fellowship is unique. On completion fellows are able to compete for employment with their peers on a level playing field. Our success rate of fellows returning to scientific careers is excellent.

The Trust is based at the University of Surrey in Guildford and is 15 years old. Daphne Jackson was Britain's first female Professor of Physics and a lifelong campaigner encouraging women into engineering and science. In 1985 she began a pilot scheme for women promoting a return to SET careers. The Daphne Jackson Trust was set up in 1992 after her death, to continue her inspiring work. To date 150 fellowships have been awarded (as of March 2007).

The Trust is acknowledged as running 'the foremost returners scheme in the country' and is the only charitable Trust in the UK dedicated to retraining SET professionals and returning them to their careers.

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