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The Association Donne e Scienza was founded in December 2003 by a group of scientists and scholars from several disciplines. Since the 1980s, this group of women has promoted activities on women in science and has developed its own analysis of contemporary science.

In the early years, we became aware that science was not neutral. It soon became clear that there was a lack of gender neutrality, although we were examining an advanced, open-minded, cultural area such as research and knowledge development.

Denouncing the progressive exclusion of women from scientific careers and top positions as well as from key roles and decisional seats, where research financing and orientation is decided, was weaved with the sense of our participation to it and a possible gendered science.

The main objectives of the Association Donne e Scienza are:

These activities are meant as a commitment towards civil society providing an interface between science and society. The founders expect that becoming an association will facilitate dialogue with institutions, and that the association's initiatives might contribute to generate debate and awareness on contemporary science from a gender perspective.