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The European Life Sciences Organization (ELSO) was founded in 1999 to unify the European molecular life sciences community. ELSO sponsors an annual meeting and is a nucleation site for lobbying on european scientific policy . A third activity undertaken by the Career Development Committee aims to improve the career opportunities for life scientists in Europe both through activities at the annual ELSO congress and through various projects running throughout the year.

Our website, designed for use by molecular life scientists at all career stages, provides comprehensive information on funding, training and job opportunities within Europe and mentoring resources are also available. Our Women in Science page also provides links to relevant organizations, services and publications.


In 2005, the CDC launched the ELSO Database of Expert Women in the Molecular Life Sciences, which aims to increase the visibility of women experts in Europe by providing a resource that can be used by granting organisations, editorial boards, recruitment committees, and meeting organisers to ensure that gender balance can be addressed on all levels. The database is curated to ensure the appropriateness of the registered experts and currently includes almost 400 women from all over Europe. More details are available in Neugebauer KM. 2006 Keeping tabs on the women: life scientists in Europe. PLoS Biol. 4:e97. Feedback from a variety of organizations and individuals indicates that the database is now being appropriately used to promote gender equality. Our current aim is to increase membership of women who may not yet know about the database and increase awareness of the database by potential users.

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