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In 1999, ETH Zürich decided to create the position of a Dual Career Advisor (DCA) who has been part of the faculty recruiting team of the president from the beginning. During the nineties, ETH Zürich noted that an increasing number of newly recruited faculty members voiced their concern about the professional integration of the trailing spouse or partner as well as overall relocation aspects. To meet these needs, the DCA position was created and has since then grown into an important aspect of the recruiting process.

The aim consists in supporting the accompanying partner in his/her professional integration despite the geographic move - be it as an academic within ETH or in any other branch outside of academia. During the negotiations for the professorship, the spouse/partner is also invited to Zürich and meets with the DCA who has requested and received in advance a CV and a letter of motivation about his/her past and future career. With the crucial documents in hand, the DCA researches and investigates potential research groups at ETH (or the University of Zürich) or other employers and - if possible - arranges for the person to meet with some of them. These meetings and the discussion with the DCA not only allow the spouse/partner to judge what situation he/she would be faced with should they decide to accept the offer of ETH Zürich, but also outline the future career perspectives or even result in a guaranteed job offer.

Generally, the board of the school does not finance an additional position for the spouse/partner but the active support through contacts to the potential research groups or employers outside ETH arranged by the DCA usually creates and enables solutions which are in line with the needs and expectations of the spouse/partner. The service - which also includes general valuable and necessary relocation support such as schooling, childcare, housing, insurances, taxes, etc. - is therefore highly appreciated and considered an asset in favour of ETH and its recruiting process.

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