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The Helmholtz Association is a community of 15 scientific-technical and biological-medical research centres. These centres have been commissioned with pursuing long-term research goals on behalf of the state and society. The Association strives to gain insights and knowledge so that it can help to preserve and improve the foundations of human life. It does this by identifying and working on the grand challenges faced by society, science and industry. Helmholtz Centres perform research in strategic programmes in six core fields: Energy, Earth and Environment, Health, Key Technologies, Structure of Matter, Transport and Space.

Equal opportunity in strategy

Equal opportunity as a Helmholtz strategy covers programmes with differing focuses depending on the age range of the target group. Programmes for pupils encourage girls and boys to become interested in research and technology at an early age. When it comes to making a career decision, the programmes particularly aim to raise the girls' confidence in their own technological competence. For the young scientists and experienced staff working at the research centres, this policy is all about organising the workplace and its conditions in such a way that staff can develop both their personal and professional skills and qualifications. Consequently, the Helmholtz Association has drawn up several key points to address this, namely:

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