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Karolinska Institutet is one of Europe's largest medical universities. It is also Sweden's largest centre for medical training and research, accounting for 30% of the medical training and 40% of the medical academic research that is conducted nationwide. Karolinska Institutet's mission is to improve the health of mankind through research, education and information. Karolinska Institutet is also the home of the Nobel Prize.

The Karolinska Institutet Career Service started in 2002 under the name "Junior Faculty Programme" from an initiative of a local network of female junior researchers and the Board of Research. The programme was rapidly set off with five employees at Karolinska Institutet, supported by funding from the Developmental Council for Governmental Organisations and the Board of Research at Karolinska Institutet. In the initial stages, the focus was to reach the target group consistent of approximately 700-800 postdocs and junior researchers without a faculty position. A steering group was formed, every department was visited and ambassadors for the junior faculty were elected. The situation of junior researchers was examined, and a programme to meet the needs was developed. Karolinska Institutet's policies on postdocs were updated and a handbook was developed. Today, the career service is fully integrated in Karolinska Institutet's regular organisation as a part of the Career Service at the Career & Recruitment Unit.

Since the start in 2002, Karolinska Institutet has provided career service exclusively tailored to promote successful careers of postgraduate students and researchers. We offer individual career counselling, a wide range of workshops and courses such as life and career planning, interview training, CV and grant writing, mentor-protégé support and network opportunities both within and outside Karolinska Institutet. Junior researchers are financially supported to develop international collaboration via a travel grant called "Visit the World". Furthermore, we provide tools for improved scientific writing, commercialisation of findings and other matters important for putting science into successful use. We also offer education in leadership and group management. The Karolinska Institutet Career Service keeps researchers up to date with the latest news on career opportunities and upcoming events through the web portal, but also in tailored newsletters reaching more than 2500 postgraduate students and researchers.

Karolinska Institutet's initiative to support junior researchers has raised lots of interest, both on a national level and outside Swedish borders. Today, all medical faculties in Sweden have built up a Junior/Future Faculty with Karolinska Institutet as an example. We have been mentioned as a good example in a governmental research bill, and have presented our story in several international conferences. The Karolinska Institutet Career Service as well as the Junior Faculty Steering Group is often invited to discuss future policies on the conduct of research with the government and funding agencies. We have also been deeply involved in the formation of Karolinska Institutet's new career system, which aims for a transparent and attractive career path for researchers. Karolinska Institutet aims to be the leading medical university in Europe in 2010, and to provide the best career service for postgraduate students and researchers in medical sciences!

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Postdoc Coordinator
Career & Recruitment Unit
Deptartment of Research and Postgraduate Education
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