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The Marie Curie Fellowship Association (MCFA) is the association of scientists (Marie Curie Fellows) who were awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship or a mobility research training grant by the European Community. The Association gathers scientists from more than 50 countries in Europe and outside Europe awarded mobility research training from the European Community and has a relevant women representation (around 30%) which is high compared to other European research associations. Proposals within MC actions are evaluated based on many criteria, which also take into account gender issues in an attempt of giving equal possibilities to women researchers. Grants are established under European RTD framework programmes to encourage and finance the training and mobility of researchers in the European Community.

The association has existed since October 1996 and is organised in hierarchical lines with local groups (National Groups) and at an international level (Administrative Board elected by members annually). There are also horizontal structures as committees and working groups, such as Science Policy.

Recently a Women in Science and Technology (WiST) working group has been established with the purpose of exploring specifically women mobility issues related to Marie Curie actions, and to promote mobility among the women scientists community, provide feedback from the European Community on policy issues regarding in particular mobility, and collaborate with other associations and organisations active in the same fields. Basic questions arising from our WiST group are whether mobility effectively enhances the scientific career and which difficulties are envisaged and/or actually encountered when women researchers consider to uptake mobility programmes. Our action highlights the need for involving more and more women in the strengthening of the European Research Area, through promotion of mobility among women scientists, with a view to the successful creation of the European Research Area.

Contact Details:

Giovanna Avellis
MCFA Administrative Board and Co-founder of WiS
Tel: +39 080 4670374
Fax: +39 080 4670363