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Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is a key organisation in the implementation of the Irish Government's National Development Plan 2007-2013 and Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2006-2013. A sum of 8.2 billion has been allocated for scientific research under these plans of which SFI has responsibility to invest 1.4 billion.

SFI provides funding for researchers from around the world who wish to relocate to Ireland and for those already based in Ireland, for outstanding research visitors, for conferences and symposia, and for collaboration with industry. SFI supports researchers who will generate new knowledge, leading edge technologies and competitive enterprises in the fields underpinning Biotechnology and Information and Communications Technology. In addition, the Research Frontiers Programme supports the very best research in a broad range of disciplines in Science, Mathematics and Engineering. SFI awards funding based upon international merit review.

The SFI portfolio also includes Centres for Science, Engineering, and Technology: Campus-Industry Partnerships (CSET). These Centres help link scientists and engineers in partnerships across academia and industry to address crucial research questions, foster the development of new and existing Irish-based technology companies, attract industry that could make an important contribution to Ireland and its economy, and expand educational and career opportunities in Ireland in science and engineering. Grants normally range from 1 to 5 million per year for five years.

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