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The Marie-Heim-Vögtlin-Programme (in memory of the first Swiss female doctor in Medical Sciences, Marie Heim-Vögtlin, 1845-1916) of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) was established in 1991 with the aim to increase the number of women in research.

First it aimed to support doctoral and postdoctoral candidates within the disciplines of biology and medicine, natural and engineering sciences and mathematics. In 2003, the programme was opened for doctoral candidates in humanities and social sciences, in 2008 postdoctoral candidates can follow.

The objective is to support well-qualified female scientists who are or were forced to accept an interruption or reduction of their research activities due to special circumstances. Special circumstances are deemed to be in particular family obligations or a change of residence as a result of their partner's career development.

MHV-subsidies aim to facilitate the recipient's research and integration in a host institution at a Swiss High School (Universities and Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology). The programme provides financial support where no other means of such integration exists or where female researchers cannot qualify for other funding programmes. The candidates' occupation degree for the project must at minimum 50%; part-time research work is possible. In order to achieve sustained integration, the host institution must not only furnish a written declaration of acceptance and job confirmation but also continue commitment following expiry of the MHV-subsidy. Funds include salary of the PI and social contribution. Additionally, budget for covering research and travel expenses as well as for childcare can be demanded.

In 2005, the MHV programme was evaluated for the years 1991-2002 and it was shown that it has proven to be very successful in achieving it aims: 86% of the funded women stayed employed after their re-start with a MHV-subsidy, 64% of them at a High School.

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