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The Wellcome Trust is the most diverse biomedical research charity in the world, spending about 450 million every year in the UK and internationally to support and promote research that will improve the health of humans and animals.

Our funding supports work ranging from basic science through to medical history, from projects delivering direct clinical benefits through to studies of thorny ethical issues.

We have been an independent charity for 70 years. In that time we have always supported excellent research, recognising the need to provide long-term support, since most biomedical discoveries are incremental, building on past achievements.

The work that we have funded has brought great benefits to human and animal health worldwide. However, with many medical challenges still facing us, we will continue to support research and activities today so we all benefit from better health tomorrow.

Our aims

We aim to make a difference. We support scientific research that leads to a better understanding of the processes of health and disease.

Scientific discoveries need to be turned into actual health benefits, so we also help researchers to develop vaccines, drugs and other therapies and bring them into wide use.

We believe it is vital that society as a whole supports the idea and practice of biomedical research. We help people join in debate about new discoveries and their relevance to all our lives.

To help us achieve these aims, we support the brightest scientists at all stages of their research careers, from PhD student through to distinguished professor, and we fund the cost of building new research facilities, often in partnership with governments and other agencies.

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